At Walsworth Franklin Bevins & McCall, we recognize that in a litigation practice, the ability to successfully try cases to verdict is an essential tool.  Although being in trial is never the goal of parties to lawsuits, retaining counsel who have the ability to try cases and who have a history of successful trial results is a must.  We are proud to have developed a reputation for being ready, willing and able to try cases in both State and Federal courts. 

Sophisticated clients recognize how and why the ability to try cases and the reputation of doing so creates an environment wherein it is easier to achieve favorable results in cases that never actually get to trial. 

As a result of our diverse practice areas, we have had an opportunity to try a wide variety of cases.  In the area of Torts, for example, our experience includes environmental litigation, products liability, construction defect, premises liability, medical negligence, false arrest and fraud claims.  In the area of business and contracts, our litigation experience includes employment cases, partnership and corporate disputes, banking cases, breach of contract claims and insurance claims. 

WFBM's appellate practice goes hand-in-hand with our litigation practice.  Defending or challenging a ruling or verdict, and at times changing the law, is part of what we do at Walsworth, Franklin, Bevins & McCall.  Our appellate practice involves more than handling appeals of jury verdicts and bench decisions.  As can be seen by the sampling of cases below, we have strong knowledge in handling Writs as well as appeals of verdicts and judgments.  We also have experience handling appeals of administrative proceedings in front of such entities as the Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) and the Employment Development Department (EDD).
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