Since 1990, Walsworth Franklin Bevins & McCall's Public Entity Law Practice Group has been providing counsel and litigation expertise to public entities and government agencies throughout the state of California. The group represents cities, counties, special districts, agencies, and individuals in state, federal, municipal and administrative proceedings. This broad experience includes handling transactional, labor and employment, civil rights, land use, historic and art preservation, property damage and government tort matters. The group also provides advisory review and risk management training on subjects affecting its clients to assist with preventing claims before they are filed.

The members of WFBM's Public Entity Law Practice Group have combined for over 80-years of experience advising and representing public entities and government agencies. This refined approach emphasizes development of comprehensive, practical solutions of lasting impact and effect, while remaining cognizant of the budgetary challenges and political considerations often impacting our clients. This understanding encourages and facilitates the relationship between WFBM's Public Entity Law Practice Group and our public entity and government agency clients, and therefore allows for a team approach in their representation.


Randy Lee

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San Francisco
601 Montgomery Street
Ninth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
T: 415.781.7072
F: 415.391.6258

Sage Knauft

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Orange County
One City Boulevard West
5th Floor
Orange, CA 92868
T: 714.634.2522
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