Toxic Tort cases involve bodily injury claims arising from exposure to toxic chemicals or hazardous materials. Walsworth Franklin Bevins & McCall attorneys have extensive experience handling toxic tort litigation, including mass tort cases. The firm's toxic tort practice includes the representation of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, material suppliers, property owners and public utilities in matters involving products or substances including, but not limited to, benzene, hydrocarbons and organic solvents, formaldehyde, diacetyl, solvents, paint, mold, lead, silica, welding fumes, carbon monoxide, carbide, tungsten and abrasive products.

WFBM has represented clients in toxic tort actions for more than 20 years, handling all aspects of litigation in State and Federal court. Toxic tort litigation spans many products and industries, and our toxic tort team has a tremendous amount of experience handling all types of matters for companies both large and small. Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to develop a defense strategy unique to each client in order to obtain the best possible result while still remaining conscious of costs and adhering to litigation guidelines. WFBM's experience in toxic tort litigation has resulted in numerous dismissals, successful rulings on motions for summary judgments, defense verdicts at trial and very favorable settlements.

Not only are our toxic tort attorneys especially well-versed in all aspects of litigation discovery and pre-trial fact investigation, but we have developed relationships with many of the premier defense experts in the field and have gained a comprehensive understanding of the complicated science and medicine involved in defending these claims. Our reputation as a defense firm with skilled litigators at the forefront of the latest developments in toxic tort litigation has also resulted in invitations to regularly speak and share our knowledge both with clients and at industry conferences.


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