How is making a top-notch Merlot like a law firm?

Nestled in premium wine country, a scenic drive northwest of Los Angeles on the storied Pacific Coast Highway, is WFBM's Santa Barbara office. This quaint, coastal community known for its majestic vistas lies between the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and is often referred to as the American Riviera. Once part of Mexico, Santa Barbara is still famous for its Mission, Mission Santa Barbara is considered the "The Queen of the Missions" and is a place that draws thousands of visitors each year. When not visiting the Mission or enjoying the white sand beach, you can visit Santa Barbara's Stearns Wharf to see the catch-of-the-day or spend an afternoon wandering down State Street (where WFBM is located) to enjoy the Spanish-style architecture and browse the many shops. Of course, the nearby boutique wineries are also not to be missed.

In addition to being a popular tourist and resort destination, the city economy includes a large service sector, technology, health care, finance, agriculture, manufacturing and local government. Education in particular is well-represented, with five institutions of higher learning on the south coast, including the University of California, Santa Barbara. The county of Santa Barbara is also home to a number of courthouses, within which WFBM has successfully represented clients in the areas of construction, real estate, environmental, products liability, employment and travel law.

So how is WFBM like a stellar wine? Creating a quality wine is a labor-intensive practice. The process includes careful analysis, research, monitoring and execution. Clearly, the right methods and procedures are a recipe for success. And WFBM is no exception. We start with skilled minds trained in evaluating and implementing strategies that help execute desirable outcomes. Because in the end, it's the time, care and attention we give to our clients (like wine) that makes all the difference.

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