Pink Day 2013 - Orange County office - Pink Shoelaces
Last October, as part of the firm's annual tradition, WFBM staff members show their support for breast cancer victims and the race for a cure on Pink Day 2013.  The picture on the left shows Orange County employees who purchased pink shoelaces.  Monies raised went to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  
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Impatient Baby Creates Some Friday Fireworks

January 10, 2014, turned out to be no ordinary day for our San Francisco clerk, Elaine Huynh, and her husband. They knew their baby was close to making its debut, but they never thought it would be WORK!


WFBM Partners Named 2014 California Super Lawyers
WFBM Partners, Thomas "Tom" G. Scully, and Charles "Chuck" T. Sheldon have been listed in the 2014 California Super Lawyers® Magazine - Tom in the Southern Cal Chapter and Chuck in the Northern Cal Chapter. The list is selected through an objective, in-depth process involving nominations and peer evaluations. Only the top 5% of the attorneys nominated are included.


American Board of Trial Advocates Membership Conferred On WFBM Senior Trial Counsel, John A. Kaniewski
ABOTA LogoWFBM is pleased to announce that Senior Trial Attorney, John A. Kaniewski, has been granted membership to the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). ABOTA is a very prestigious national organization for highly experienced litigators. Membership is conferred by invitation-only. Prospective members must meet substantial trial experience requirements and exhibit the virtues of civility, integrity, and professionalism. They must be sponsored by a member in good standing and receive approval at the local and national level.

In his thirty years of practice, John has been involved in trials involving a wide number of topics including products liability, premises liability, roadway design, invasion of privacy, assault and battery, false arrest, slander, fraud, real estate, and breach of contract. Many of the trials have involved multi-million dollar exposure against some of the top plaintiffs' attorneys in the country, including other ABOTA members. The results he achieved in these cases have been exemplary.

The Use of Experts to Combat Memory-Based Evidence

CaliforniaEyewitness testimony in products liability claims often creates challenges for defendants attempting to question the testimony, especially when the alleged use of the product occurred years or decades ago. Often adult children of injured or deceased parents will testify to having seen their parent work with a particular product when they were small children. It is also not uncommon for plaintiffs to identify various brands of products by reading from a list they claim to have created before their deposition. Although defendants object to such a reading as improper refreshment of recollection, many courts give plaintiffs the benefit of the doubt and allow the jury to consider the testimony. Sometimes, these cases involve the identification of products that plaintiffs did not personally work with, but rather involve products that were used by others in the presences of the plaintiff at some point during their lives.

How Affordable Is The Affordable Care Act: The Practical Impact Of Obamacare On Businesses

CaliforniaIt has been difficult to turn on the news over the past several months without hearing reports about the various pitfalls and obstacles surrounding the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("ACA") - aka Obamacare. The new healthcare law in the United States has been discussed and debated at length, especially in terms of its impact on individuals. Not as common though, are reports regarding the ACA's impact on employers. How does America's new healthcare system affect businesses?


Meet The Attorney: Laurie E. Sherwood

Meet the AttorneysLaurie E. Sherwood is a partner in WFBM's San Francisco office and has been with the firm for 20 years. Her practice focuses on travel and tour operator, employment, construction defect, and product liability litigation. Throughout her career, she has successfully represented corporations, manufacturers, distributors, general contractors/subcontractors, travel businesses, and municipalities in multiple party and complex litigation. Her successes include summary judgments, favorable settlements, and obtaining dismissals in a variety of litigation matters. Laurie frequently gives presentations in various areas including employment practices, construction litigation, social media, and toxic exposure.


Overplaying Your Hand: Do The Orange County Water Cases Signal A Turning Of The Tide?

CaliforniaLawsuits that seek damages for contamination in groundwater have been brought in many parts of the United States, and nowhere more frequently, or with more financial impact, than in California. The lawsuits typically claim that because of chemical contamination of the groundwater, it will be necessary to spend many millions of dollars to clean up that water. These lawsuits are often handled on a contingency basis. One California law firm in particular, Miller Axline & Sawyer, has a long track record of large judgments and settlements.


WFBM Celebrates 25th Anniversary In 2014


In 1989, the seeds were planted.