The WFBM inaugural Trial College took place on August 9-11, 2013 with two goals: To cultivate superior trial skills in WFBM's Associate attorneys - and to pass along proven best practices from the firm's experienced trial attorneys. WFBM has always been a trial-ready firm, and being a trial attorney is a skill which, like any skill, requires a lot of work to develop. WFBM's Trial College provided the opportunity for our best associates to fine tune and hone that skill, on their own time, under the direction of equally hard working and generous senior trial attorneys.

Ten of the firm's associates participated in an intensive three-day seminar that took them through all aspects of a mock trial – from jury selection through closing arguments. After lectures and exemplars from the Trial College's faculty of nine of the firm's most skilled trial attorneys, the participating associates then got hands-on experience as they presented opening and closing statements, questioned potential jurors, and examined both fact and expert witnesses. Very little sleep was had as the participants prepared for the next day's work – creating Power Point presentations and examination outlines – preparing them well for the rigors of a real-life trial. Even so, they all agreed that the event was a resounding success!

Named Partner Ron Bevins is extremely proud of all of this year's participants, and notes that "This year's class of trial students benefitted from a WFBM faculty that has a combined over 1000 days of trial experience. To see them work so hard, on their own time, really speaks to the dedication they have to their craft and their clients."

"When I came to WFBM a little more than a year ago, I knew it was a place which had a wealth of talented litigators. I was even more encouraged to see how the firm is dedicated to improving itself from within and to give its younger attorneys the opportunity to learn from the more experienced trial attorneys," adds Senior Trial Counsel John Kaniewski, who presented to the students about examining fact witnesses and was present all weekend to provide constructive criticism and feedback.

Participant Associate Pamela Bobowski agreed: "I now have a better understanding of the evidence that trial attorneys need to prove at time of trial. And I recognize the steps that I need to take in handling the case, i.e. at deposition and during expert preparation, to make sure they get the evidence they need."

Co-chaired by Chuck Sheldon and Kate Gardiner, the Trial College is an educational seminar WFBM intends to continue for years to come.

Left to right, photo below shows all of this year's graduates: Gregory Alvarez; Jessica Kim; Pamela Stevens; Jennifer Prieto; David Kestenbaum; Soniya Khemlani; Phil Hill; Katie Stricklin; Allison Mullings; Pamela Bobowski.