meet_the_attorney_logo-new-lowRudy R. PerrinoRudy R. Perrino, a partner with a practice in environmental and toxic tort litigation, joined the firm in February, 2013. In addition to his years of experience litigating complex environmental and toxic tort claims, Rudy brings a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to the firm, having worked as an in-house lawyer at Dole Food Company for several years.

In his private life, Rudy likes to spend time with his wife, Lisa, and two children, Dominic (14) and Ava (10). Rudy loves to play golf, soccer, ride bikes and snow ski. He is also a self-proclaimed mean cook. Rudy obtained his undergraduate degree in biology/psychology and Spanish from the University of California, Riverside. After graduating, Rudy worked as a quality assurance manager in one of the southwest's preeminent environmental consulting firms, Hargis + Associates, in San Diego, where he grew up. While there, Rudy found his calling in the legal field while providing litigation support and, thereafter, attended law school at the University of San Diego.

He started his legal practice representing municipalities in environmental matters. Seeing opportunity in his undergrad education in the sciences, Rudy quickly expanded into the toxic tort field, representing petroleum companies, chemical companies, recyclers, waste haulers and disposal companies, concrete manufacturers and other industrial concerns in complex litigation relating to alleged exposures to multiple toxins. This experience led Rudy to manage Dole's worldwide litigation for several years, which included more than $47 billion in claims relating to the Company's use of a pesticide in the 1970s that was proven to cause sterility in men working in the manufacturing context. After proving that the vast majority of those claims were a fraudulent, Rudy decided to return to private practice, which led him to WFBM.

We are happy to have Rudy with us!