mowing-the-lawnWhile others his age were hitting the beach with their surfboards, a young Jeff Walsworth began his professional career by pushing a lawnmower over the landscape of a rapidly changing and developing Orange County, California. He developed a loyal following among local business owners, corporations and professionals who quickly recognized Jeff as personable, motivated and willing to roll up his sleeves and dive into his work. Even then, he considered his clients invaluable, and listened closely when they shared their thoughts and insight. A common theme among them was how each placed great significance on the importance of skill, focus and commitment in their businesses and personal lives. Jeff took these lessons to heart, and was even more grateful when they encouraged and inspired him to pursue a legal career.

In 1976, after mowing many a lawn, Jeff received his law degree. At the graduation ceremony, a number of his former landscaping clients, who would later become firm clients, were in attendance. At the time he started his Orange County law practice, Jeff was the youngest attorney in the State of California. The qualitative concepts Jeff's mentors instilled in him were so deeply etched into his mind that they formed the foundation for his partnership with Ferdie Franklin, Ron Bevins and Mike McCall.

Indeed, one man's dream has grown into a flourishing practice with more than 70 lawyers and four offices. As in the days when Jeff tended landscapes, Walsworth Franklin Bevins & McCall supremely values its clients. Not coincidentally, the firm continues to honor the same foundational principles upon which it was founded in everything it does – all while recognizing the importance of client relationships, tactical and strategic planning, collaborative solutions, and exemplary results.

Today, with offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, Walsworth Franklin Bevins & McCall has the resources and ability to serve clients anywhere in California, and it welcomes the opportunity to be Your California Law Firm®.